Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween treats.

Zach and the boys went to walmart to look for halloween candy that was on sale. Along with lots of other sugary treats they brought home pickled marshmellows that looke like this! It made me laugh!

This is one of two that they bought. Andrew was eating the other one for a treat and while he was eating it this is what he was saying...
"don't eat my eye" (he bites off an eye)
"ahh nooo my eye"
"not my other eye" (bites the other one)
"Oh no, my nose" (bites off the nose)
and so on and so forth...It was so funny to listen to. He didn't eat the whole thing but the eyes, nose, mouth,"shoulders", and part of the head were all eaten.

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  1. Thatsa lotta sugar! Those things are c r a z y lookin'!