Saturday, September 25, 2010

Andrew's Birthday Bash(s)!

This week was a crazy week!!! It is Birthday week in the Shepherd/Moore family. On Tuesday was Aunt Amy's birthday and my dad's, Wednesday was Andrew's, Friday was Aunt Missy's and Sunday will be cousin Thursday's Birthday. For Andrew's Birthday we did a few fun things this week. On Friday we went to IC to the mall with a few friends for kids free night. We explored in the Children's museum. I meant to take a group photo at the end, but of course....I forgot. I hate when I do that!

Andrew the dentist.
Andrew the baby Dr.?

Andrew the pilot.

On Saturday we had a Shepherd family Birthday party for Andrew and Thursday. A few were unable to make it but it was fun. Aunt Amy of course was wonderful and made Andrew a blue snake cake...which he LOVED! Zach grilled the Monster Burgers again which were awesome! It was a good afternoon of family fun!:)

Andrew loved his new flashlight!

Snake Eyes (G.I. Joe) and Ballerina Thursday.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Babies

Look what came crawling into my room this afternoon. Aren't they cute??? HA HA HA!

What BIG babies I have!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Splashn' in the rain

I let them play in the rain once and it seems to have become the thing to do at our house. Dad even went and bought Andrew some new rain boots. Seth already had some that were given to us. Now all they need are rain coats and I am sure they would spend hours in the rain. Today they only spend about a half hour but they were pretty soaked by that time.

Andrew's new Dragon boots.
Ready to go inside...

Seth still splashing around in his fire truck boots.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I should get paid for this...

One of my friends introduced me to these Tide Stain Release cubes. I have to say I am impressed with how well they work. With having two boys, they get filthy ALL the time. I used to use so much Shout spray but I only have to use one of these Tide cubes per load and it works on all my clothes. I normally use them only on my whites but there are times I use them on my colors also. Give them a try, and let me know if you like them! I DO!

This is Seth's Shirt he wore the other day. When I got it I thought I would not last very long because it is white and he is so messy. This shirt has looked like this a number of times...

and look at it now!!! ( Sorry about the shadows)

Seriously are awesome!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Monster Burger

Today I came home from Subbing in the morning and Zach and the boys had gone shopping. Normally when Zach goes grocery shopping he has a plan for supper and boy did he have one tonight. My brother text Zach about a burger that he had seen some guy make on a cooking show. He thought Zach might like it. So tonight we experimented.....again. It turned out pretty good. So here is what our "Monster Burger" consists of. Two Grilled cheese sandwiches as the bun, with the burger and a half, bacon, tomato, cheese, and avacado in the middle. The picture is of Zach's that he ate. He couldn't even finish the whole thing. The boys and I used one grilled cheese sandwich cut in half as our bun and I was stuffed. It was a good supper tonight. I love grilling nights!!!


The other night we went out to Grandma and Grandpa's house. We had not had S'mores all summer. I thought it was time we fixed that. So I brought out the food and Grandpa made the fire. Andrew loves them but Seth was more into burning them.

You can't tell but he has a marshmellow in his hand...ready to toast....or burn.


Of course our night would not be complete without Andrew catching a toad. This one was really big! It was so dark but he has and eye for these things.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Because they are just that cute...

Last night we hung out at home. We played a little bat and ball, went on a bike ride, and rested on the hammock before it got dark. Just thought I would take some pictures of my cuties.

My little Monsters.

Love Seth's smile in this one!

Yep. They are crazy...but I love them soooooo much!!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Hamster Troubles...

Some of you have heard our stories about our new hamster(s). It has been a crazy weekend. They boys have been wanting a pet for a while now. We have concidered a few such as a Guinea Pig, Chinchilla, and a hamster. We setteled on a hamster for a few reasons. One because I found out Chinchilla's are not good with children ( which was my choice...they are so cute!) and two, because we found it for free with a cage, food and everything. YAY...I thought! All I had to do was go pick it up. So on Friday I took the boys to go get the hamster. The lady that was giving it away was moving and she didn't want to take it with her. She did warn me that it nipped at her a few times. That didn't really worry me until I couldn't even get it out of the cage without it making a squeaky MEAN sound. My brother was brave and finally got it out. It ended up biting me and my was such a mean hamster...seriously!!! Anyway...that one didn't last even 24 hours at our house before it croaked. That is a long story all by it's self but it kinda had a hard attack or something along those lines. It really boggled my does that happen??? I mean really?! (sigh)
For a new chapter, Zach went to the local pet store and bought 2 new dwarf hamster. These look like little At least the first one was cute. It was brown and black....not mouse looking. Anyway. These seem to be A LOT nicer than the other one. The boys love playing with them. I try to give them a break so they can rest...poor hamsters. Last night I came into the room and Seth started crying, one of the hamsters had bit him and he was bleeding. Oh on...I thought. After getting to the bottom of what happened I found out Seth has squeezed the poor thing...huh, no wonder it bit him. Luckily the hamster hold no hard feelings and has not bitten again! How did hamsters become so much work?

Sorry it is not a good picture. They are fast. Their names are Blue and Green (the boy's favorite color). The first one was named Nibbles, but when the boys said the name it came out more like nipples. Andrew wanted to name these two nibbles. We decided that might not be a good idea. It was really funny though.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

New Floor!

On Saturday Zach, my brother and one of Zach's buddies came over and put our floor in! I was so excited to see it all done. It looks wonderful! YAY! Sometimes I am so bad about remembering to take before and after pictures. Again I forgot to take pictures until after they were most of the way done. (sigh) I did find a picture I took of the boys on the floor on Friday, so I decided this would be my before picture. I guess I should have a before, before picture where we had our carpet in our kitchen but I wasn't going to go through all my pictures to find one...sorry.

Before picutre.
almost done.

Ben working hard.

Finished Product.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Reptiles I can do, but spiders and mice make me shiver. ICK. Zach found this spider at a friends house and brought it home for the boys to check out. It was a pretty spider but I was ok when it was out of my house.

Seth was so funny. He just layed down and watched it crawl all over. These are the best pictures I could get because it moved so fast and would not stop.

Awesome Girls Night!

As most of you know (since I have been SOOO excited about it) Sarah and I got to go to MN and see WICKED! Of course we loved it! Thought I would share a few pictures of Minneapolis. We couldn't take pictures inside...Sad. It would have been nice to share. Anyway...enjoy. I did. :)