Monday, September 6, 2010

Hamster Troubles...

Some of you have heard our stories about our new hamster(s). It has been a crazy weekend. They boys have been wanting a pet for a while now. We have concidered a few such as a Guinea Pig, Chinchilla, and a hamster. We setteled on a hamster for a few reasons. One because I found out Chinchilla's are not good with children ( which was my choice...they are so cute!) and two, because we found it for free with a cage, food and everything. YAY...I thought! All I had to do was go pick it up. So on Friday I took the boys to go get the hamster. The lady that was giving it away was moving and she didn't want to take it with her. She did warn me that it nipped at her a few times. That didn't really worry me until I couldn't even get it out of the cage without it making a squeaky MEAN sound. My brother was brave and finally got it out. It ended up biting me and my was such a mean hamster...seriously!!! Anyway...that one didn't last even 24 hours at our house before it croaked. That is a long story all by it's self but it kinda had a hard attack or something along those lines. It really boggled my does that happen??? I mean really?! (sigh)
For a new chapter, Zach went to the local pet store and bought 2 new dwarf hamster. These look like little At least the first one was cute. It was brown and black....not mouse looking. Anyway. These seem to be A LOT nicer than the other one. The boys love playing with them. I try to give them a break so they can rest...poor hamsters. Last night I came into the room and Seth started crying, one of the hamsters had bit him and he was bleeding. Oh on...I thought. After getting to the bottom of what happened I found out Seth has squeezed the poor thing...huh, no wonder it bit him. Luckily the hamster hold no hard feelings and has not bitten again! How did hamsters become so much work?

Sorry it is not a good picture. They are fast. Their names are Blue and Green (the boy's favorite color). The first one was named Nibbles, but when the boys said the name it came out more like nipples. Andrew wanted to name these two nibbles. We decided that might not be a good idea. It was really funny though.

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