Saturday, September 25, 2010

Andrew's Birthday Bash(s)!

This week was a crazy week!!! It is Birthday week in the Shepherd/Moore family. On Tuesday was Aunt Amy's birthday and my dad's, Wednesday was Andrew's, Friday was Aunt Missy's and Sunday will be cousin Thursday's Birthday. For Andrew's Birthday we did a few fun things this week. On Friday we went to IC to the mall with a few friends for kids free night. We explored in the Children's museum. I meant to take a group photo at the end, but of course....I forgot. I hate when I do that!

Andrew the dentist.
Andrew the baby Dr.?

Andrew the pilot.

On Saturday we had a Shepherd family Birthday party for Andrew and Thursday. A few were unable to make it but it was fun. Aunt Amy of course was wonderful and made Andrew a blue snake cake...which he LOVED! Zach grilled the Monster Burgers again which were awesome! It was a good afternoon of family fun!:)

Andrew loved his new flashlight!

Snake Eyes (G.I. Joe) and Ballerina Thursday.

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