Tuesday, September 14, 2010


The other night we went out to Grandma and Grandpa's house. We had not had S'mores all summer. I thought it was time we fixed that. So I brought out the food and Grandpa made the fire. Andrew loves them but Seth was more into burning them.

You can't tell but he has a marshmellow in his hand...ready to toast....or burn.


Of course our night would not be complete without Andrew catching a toad. This one was really big! It was so dark but he has and eye for these things.


  1. At 2 A.M. This morning I was thinking about Andrew !! I couldn't sleep and I glanced up at the window and there was a little tree frog hanging on the screen !! He is ALL boy !!

  2. That toad isss HUUUGGGE! And I love the messy pictures of Andrew eating s'mores. Awesome! glad you got to do the real fire. :)

  3. Aunt Saundra... Yep for sure he is all boy! Just like his dad. :)

    Joni, I was glad I got to have them on a fire also! I will have to try them on the grill sometime. With the leftovers I made them in the microwave. Not the same but still yummy!