Monday, October 25, 2010

Hide and Seek

The boys and I played Hide and Seek today. While I was hiding the boys were trying to find me, they were saying the funniest things. The first thing they say everytime we play is "Mom, you can come out now" before they even start looking. Andrew says "Wow, she is a good hider." "Mom is so tricky!" After about 5 min. Seth starts getting concerned and says in a sad voice" I don't want to be alone here." " I don't know where my mom is." I almost came out when he got his sad voice but decided to stay. ( I know I am so nice right?) They did find me a few min. later with some help. :)
When is was my turn to count. I close my eyes and start to count and Andrew tells me "mom stop counting, I can't hide when you count." It is like I distract him from hiding when I count. He would rather I let him hide and then start to count. WHAT??? silly kid! :)

Friday, October 22, 2010


After spending a little while upstairs in his room, Seth comes down and says "mom, come look what I made." He has been into putting things in lines. He lined up all his cars, trucks, tractors, buses, ect. As you can see. He was very proud of himself. Of course I encouraged it by saying what a great job he did. :)

All his cars were all set to race. In the middle he has a race starter. you push a button and it says Ready...Set...Go...and makes a vrooom sound.

He is getting so big!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ballerina Thursday!

I wanted to share this for a while but I kept forgetting about it. My niece Thursday got a ballerina outfit from Grandma for her birthday. She was singing and dancing all around the house. It was so cute. :)

Fire Pit!

So I can not get my font off underline so I guess we will just have to deal with it this time! Anyway, Zach bought us a fire pit a few weeks ago and one night we got it out to use it. The boys loved helping with the sticks. We even roasted marshmellows but I didn't have the rest of the stuff for smore's so we just ate the mallows.

The boys stayed in the chairs for the most part because of their nervous mom. Seth trips so much I was afraid he would fall right in the fire. I know...I worry to much. Better safe than sorry I suppose! :)

Curious Seth...

So today while at the store I stopped the cart and Seth started to push it again towards another Shelf. I stopped the cart and said "you had better be careful or we could have a bad situation." He stands there for a min. and then says " mom, what is a situation?" It was just funny to me to hear my 3 year old ask me what does situation mean. I explained it the best I could but really, that word it hard to explain. I guess I shouldn't use such big words so as not to put myself in those situations. :)

Monday, October 11, 2010


The normal excuses for postponing bed time in our house are...
*Have to go to the bathroom
*Forgot to brush my teeth
*I need some water
*I want daddy to say goodnight to me(which normally he can't because he is working)
*I need some medicine
I am sure some of these may sound familiar at your house also, but tonight Seth came up with a new one. It made me laugh so hard! "Mommy, you forgot to put lotion on my buns" He has a rash and I have been putting lotion on it but it cracked me up. HA HA!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

What a Mess...

I walked into my living room the other day and saw my potted plant all over the first thought is why in the world was I not told about this? I think I had walked through at least twice before noticing that it was all over my floor (Who know?) After it fell they just went right on doing what they were doing instead of telling me. I am assuming Andrew was worried about getting in trouble (Which he did anyway). He apparently was playing Kickty kick ball (which is from the show wow, wow wuzy) and just like Wubzy got in trouble in the show, so did Andrew. :) It was kind of humorus to hear him explain what happened because he kept saying he just wanted to play kickty kick ball. My kids are not huge mess makers but everyonce in a while they make a decent one. Hopefully my plant will live...It is not looking so hot but we will see. :)

Andrew Monkey

Just like any other day Andrew was climbing a tree, but this time he was swinging like a monkey from the branch. It was pretty funny so I grabbed my camera and took some pictures. He loves climbing...I wonder where he get that from?! :)


The swinging in action!

Hanging like a Monkey.

He lands perfectly...I think he has plenty of experince.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


On Monday I had such a productive day so I thought I would share. While laying in bed Sunday night I was thinking about ways to make the office and toys more organized so that everytime I looked at them I didn't have to look away out of annoyance. So I went to Walmart and bought some tubs so that things were a little more organized. The toy area may not look like much of a differance but I did go though toys and put things in their right place and bought a tub for the "dress-up" stuff. The office still has a long way to go but I did what I could with that stuff also. Afterwards I felt very good about what I got done. Of couse the boys didn't let it stay that way for long but atleast things have a place to go now. :)



(sorry about this one being so dark...)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Fall days

I love fall. Not so much the raking but it is always nice to have helpers. This was an enjoyable part of our day!