Monday, October 25, 2010

Hide and Seek

The boys and I played Hide and Seek today. While I was hiding the boys were trying to find me, they were saying the funniest things. The first thing they say everytime we play is "Mom, you can come out now" before they even start looking. Andrew says "Wow, she is a good hider." "Mom is so tricky!" After about 5 min. Seth starts getting concerned and says in a sad voice" I don't want to be alone here." " I don't know where my mom is." I almost came out when he got his sad voice but decided to stay. ( I know I am so nice right?) They did find me a few min. later with some help. :)
When is was my turn to count. I close my eyes and start to count and Andrew tells me "mom stop counting, I can't hide when you count." It is like I distract him from hiding when I count. He would rather I let him hide and then start to count. WHAT??? silly kid! :)

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