Sunday, October 10, 2010

What a Mess...

I walked into my living room the other day and saw my potted plant all over the first thought is why in the world was I not told about this? I think I had walked through at least twice before noticing that it was all over my floor (Who know?) After it fell they just went right on doing what they were doing instead of telling me. I am assuming Andrew was worried about getting in trouble (Which he did anyway). He apparently was playing Kickty kick ball (which is from the show wow, wow wuzy) and just like Wubzy got in trouble in the show, so did Andrew. :) It was kind of humorus to hear him explain what happened because he kept saying he just wanted to play kickty kick ball. My kids are not huge mess makers but everyonce in a while they make a decent one. Hopefully my plant will live...It is not looking so hot but we will see. :)

1 comment:

  1. Bummer. That happened to me a month ago. Duke went to see who was "trespassing on our property" like the guard dog he pretends to be and he knocked my plant over. It was like slow motion..."Noooooooo....." Eh well. It lived! But then again, this kind of plant is almost impossible to kill. My kinda plant!