Tuesday, October 5, 2010


On Monday I had such a productive day so I thought I would share. While laying in bed Sunday night I was thinking about ways to make the office and toys more organized so that everytime I looked at them I didn't have to look away out of annoyance. So I went to Walmart and bought some tubs so that things were a little more organized. The toy area may not look like much of a differance but I did go though toys and put things in their right place and bought a tub for the "dress-up" stuff. The office still has a long way to go but I did what I could with that stuff also. Afterwards I felt very good about what I got done. Of couse the boys didn't let it stay that way for long but atleast things have a place to go now. :)



(sorry about this one being so dark...)


  1. Nice work!! What a good feeling it is to get organized, I need to do some more again this winter....you in?

  2. I am in! If you need any help. Just give me a call! It was a good feeling to get things under control! :)