Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Weekend

We had a funfilled weekend this weekend! My parents came and spend Saturday and Sunday with us. Grandma had big plans for things to do with the boys. We loved having them come and spend time with us when they get a chance!

Andrew and papa Watching Toy Story 3. Andrew loves getting his back rubbed!

5 months already!

I was going to go simple with Valentines this year but Grandma had other ideas! They turned out really nice. Seth even helped quite a bit...Andrew did just a bit.

Seth loves to help bake! Grandma and Seth working hard at baking sugar cookies.

Frosting time!

Yep. That finger is going straight to his mouth!

They were sooooo good! Thanks Grandma and Papa for a fun weekend!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fun art!

I haven't been at home with the boys a whole bunch this week. Today I didn't have to sub so we did a few art projects together. They love tracing their hands! I traced them and decided to keep them for a keep sake. Not to mention they BOTH wrote their names! Other than the S in Seth he did the rest! I was so proud! Andrew is doing to much better with writing. I am a little excited to start school this August!

On Saturday I bought two of those window paint sticks for 5o cents each at the bent and dent store! I knew the boys would have fun drawing/painting on our window doors! They have been asking since I brought them home. They had fun doing that this morning!

Andrew's little man!

Seth's Smiley face!

painting fun!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Family favorite

I have tried quite a few pizza recipes since I have been married. This one has put all the others to rest! It is so easy and it tastes so yummy! I have heard some families do pizza every Friday. We don't, mostly because I think we would get sick of it. :) It sounded so good the other night, I just had to make it! It tastes even better than it looks!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My preschooler!

My plan this year was to start doing preschool with Andrew this year. It went well for about a month or two and then subbing and other things got in the way! I am not consistant by any means, which will be something I will have to work on next year with Kindergarden! I have started having Andrew practice writing his letters and his name. He likes to do capital letters, but we have been working on lower case letters also. Today I told him to write his name, then he wanted to write mom and dad also! He did such a good job, I just had to share! Even though it is a struggle at times to teach Andrew. I know it will be worth it, when I see him catch on to new things!