Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Monster Burger

Today I came home from Subbing in the morning and Zach and the boys had gone shopping. Normally when Zach goes grocery shopping he has a plan for supper and boy did he have one tonight. My brother text Zach about a burger that he had seen some guy make on a cooking show. He thought Zach might like it. So tonight we experimented.....again. It turned out pretty good. So here is what our "Monster Burger" consists of. Two Grilled cheese sandwiches as the bun, with the burger and a half, bacon, tomato, cheese, and avacado in the middle. The picture is of Zach's that he ate. He couldn't even finish the whole thing. The boys and I used one grilled cheese sandwich cut in half as our bun and I was stuffed. It was a good supper tonight. I love grilling nights!!!


  1. Ummm...wow. We are sooo trying that!

  2. Correction...I said he got the idea from my brother but he got it from a buddy at work who has the same name at my brother...haha.

    Joni, It was really good. You will like it!