Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ribs and Bass Pro...

Last night my parents took us out to eat at a BBQ place. Before we went Andrew kept asking if they had ribs. He was so excited to eat some ribs so Zach really had no choice but to get ribs. He is his fathers son for sure! This is him going to town on his ribs!

So good!
We also maked a stop at Bass Pro Shop! The boys loved looking at all the fish and stuffed Animals! They also had holiday games for kids to play. It was a fun night out with the grandparents!
Yes, He was not suppose to be up there....typical Andrew. :)


  1. That is something I would do if my son was doing something he shouldn't. Take a picture, then tell him to get down. :-) Looks like you had fun!

  2. We did have a good time! Zach was telling Andrew to get down just as I was taking the picture. I was afraid he was going to touch the stuffed animal and knock it over or something. Now that would have been sooo bad! :) He is such a climber though!

  3. have you tried the ribs at John's BBQ in Ainsworth? Greg thinks they are awesome!
    there's also a place in williamsburg that has all you can eat ribs for like $15.