Sunday, January 9, 2011


We were so blessed this Christmas not to be sick while we traveled! We had a wonderful time with our families this year/ last year. Last Christmas we were going through the flu stuff, this year I prayed we wouldn't have to deal with it! I got my prayer! No flu so far in this house! SOOO THANKFUL!
Although the flu has passed us at this time. Colds have taken us over for the past few weeks! Andrew and Seth both has strep a few weeks ago but got them meds and Seth has improved a lot. Andrew on the other hand seemed to get worse. Lots of coughing and runny nose and then fevers. Took him to the Dr. and She up in on a nebulizer for his coughing. He seems to be impoving this last week but with Luke and Missy's wedding, I think it was a lot on him so he didn't have a good night last night, but am hoping this week he will kick it! The boys also passed their junk to daddy. I have gone under the radar and hopefully will stay there. :)
We have had a lot of days like this picture. Jammies and couch time most of the day! This is Andrew with his nebulizer. Poor baby.

Hope your households have not been subject to lots of sickness. It is going around for sure!

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