Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fun Art 2

We had a few fun projects we did this week. The boys had never finger painted and so I decided to buy some finger paint to try out. We didn't make anything specific this time but my wheels are turning on what I can have them create!

We also had fun with shaving cream. When I worked as a teachers aid, a teacher let the kids "clean" the tops of their desks with shaving cream. She let them write their letters and draw picutres for a while. I let the boys use the shaving cream on the table! They had fun making the whole table white. :)

When we were pretty much done Aunt Holly told him to put his hands on his face. Of course he does what she says. lol!

Seth writing his letters. Andrew wrote his name but smeared it right before I was going to take a picture.

Fun with Shaving cream!


  1. Awesome! I was wondering who was taking the pictures when you were IN one! Aunt Holly, of course. =)

    If they loved the finger paint, try pudding next time. It's edible!! I get sprinkles after each holiday for really cheap and let them use those as well.

  2. That actually wasn't me in was Aunt Holly. :0) I will have to try the pudding thing! I am sure they would love that! Sprinkles make it even better!