Saturday, March 19, 2011

Scrapbooking Weekend

Last weekend I got the chance to go to Scrapbooking Weekend in Lansing, IA at Village Creek Bible Camp. Scraping. Adult Conversation. Wonderful meals provided with no clean up. Naps (optional...which I took full advantage of :). Need I say more? It was a wonderful weekend! The devotionals were wonderful and encouraging! I thought I would share a few of my favorite pages I got done.

I got caught up on the boys albums.

Who knows what happened with this picture. I couldn't fix the way it came up so guess you will have to do a sideways number to check it out!

One from the family album. I am pretty far behind on this one.( I believe 2005, 2006 was what I was working on)

My scraping space.

Mom, getting lots done! She got my wedding album, just a few year late. ;)

My grandma and Aunt Diane. Aunt Diane looks like she is getting a lot done huh?

Tami and Joy and Aunt Julie scraping away!


  1. Great job! I got out of the habit of scrapbooking when the digital stuff came out. It's much easier. But your pictures kinda make me want to get back into the old-school way. It is just so much more fun a looks so nice!

  2. Thanks Amy!Yeah... I never got into the digital thing. I like doing it myself. I feel like it would mean more to the boys. There are some pages I don't care for but I guess that is how it goes. :)