Saturday, August 28, 2010

5 sheep!

It is so hard sometimes to explain certian concepts to kids. Such as when I tell them yes, we will do that tonight. They tell me that they want to do it today. Telling them that tonight and today are pretty much the same thing just a different time of day does not help any.
Also, tonight we were driving out to my in-laws and I point to the sheep and say " Look boys, Look at all those sheep". Andrew says "oh look at all those sheep there is a lot of them!" and Seth says " yeah, there is a lot of them.....there is 5 of them" ( which he learned from Andrew...and there was more like 50 or 60 sheep) 5 apparently is a lot to them so when they see something that has a lot, they say there are 5. Again, to try and explain number concepts to them just gets them more confused. Although, I did tell them that there were a lot more than just five sheep.....not that it changed anything. I am sure it takes time but can be so frustrating sometimes. It does make me laugh though at their thought processes.

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