Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Spanish Toads.

Having boys at the age of 3 and 5 (or soon to be) has it's challenges but the things I hope to look back on are the good times and funny times. At this age they say the funniest things. I don't even think I could post them all. At the time I think...Oh I will remember this and put it on fb, but then I end up forgetting. I am going to try and post some on here when I get a chance and when I remember.
Today Andrew was playing out in the backyard while I was mowing (again). I found only two toads this time but he had fun making a little "cage" for them to hop around in. After I was finished I went over to talk to him and see his "cage" and he told me he named them and proceeded to tell me their names. Something that sounded like doze and traze. I didn't quite understand what he was saying and so he said "mom, it is doze and traze...ya know like Spanish. "Ohhhhh...Dos and Tres" I say. " yep. they are Spanish toads. I like Spanish, I can say Spanish uno, dos, tres...." and proceeded to count in Spanish for me. Totally made me laugh!