Sunday, August 22, 2010

Wedding day.

On Saturday the boys and I attended my cousin Tami's wedding. It was beautiful! The pictures are kind of out of order but it is late and I didn't want to do to much thinking. :) It was a LONG day and after a couple melt downs we were ready for bed! I did enjoy being there and helping as much as I could with two boys.

My cuties at the reception.

They had a dance at the reception. It was the cutest thing every, Seth went up to Great Grandma and Said " Great Grandma will you dance with me?" As some of you may know, my Grandma doesn't dance but since he asked so sweetly how could she say no??? It was adorable!
Seth was a dancing machine! Seth and Michalea dancing the night away. Andrew ( like his father) not so much into dancing. He would just jump and do kick moves. Crazy kid.

The reception was at such a neat place. It is called Music Man Square. If you haven't seen the musical the Music Man....YOU SHOULD! It was based from Mason City Iowa. Anyway...This is in doors and it had cute old time stores such as the Ice cream parlor as you see above. I meant to take more pictures of just the store fronts but it is sooo neat! The dance was on the street and the reception took place in one of the larger rooms.

My dad and Mom helped with the popcorn. They had a few snacks before the meal started.

Bride and Groom. Tami and Brent. Not even kidding I don't think I have ever seen Tami happier! She was brusting with was Brent. It was so sweet!

Beautiful Dress!

Wedding party.

They went and took some pictures at a golf course, which turned out beautiful. They even let them borrow a few golf carts. Joy and Kim (my other two cousins) had fun carting around. They looked beautiful in their dresses!

He wanted to drive but that was not going to happen. :)

Seth is totally attached to Cayla. She took candids for the wedding and I thought this picture was so cute.

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