Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Iowa State Fair

So today we went to the Fair. The weather did not cooperate with us today. Pretty much all morning and early afternoon it rained. Although we did decided that rain was better than squeltering heat. All in all we had a good time. Spent most of the day doing inside things, but after lunch and a nap time we got to do a few outside things when the rain let up. The sun even came out a bit. Here are a few pictures of our day.

Sorry this picture is sideways ( haven't learned how to fix that yet). Andrew and Seth doing "little Helpers". Got all their vegtables in their baskets! ( my batteries died in the middle of this so didn't get more like I wanted)

I love horses! They are so pretty.

Andrew and Seth checking our the biggest Boar. Seth would not touch it but instead he kept throwing sand on it. Poor thing. He is so huge and can't move to get away from the kids who throw sand on them.

Seth with the baby calf. Cute.

Yay, for Clifford.

Boys in the fire Truck.

checkin' out the wolf. It was kinda freaking out so after Andrew pet it once he seems a little nervous. It was pretty though.


  1. How fun! When Josh gets older, we'll have to take him to the fair. I haven't gone for a few years. I miss it! Bummer about the batteries. I hate that!!!

    Oh, and for turning pictures...I don't think you can do it once you upload them, so I just go through and turn them all once I load them into a folder on the computer. We need to tell blogger to get with it on a way to flip them once you upload them...and crop them too!

  2. It was a good time! The boys have lots of fun!

    I don't put the pics on my computer. I just take them from my memory card in my camera so I guess everyone will have to turn their heads sideways...lol. :)